We have developed and patented pioneering biological solutions
that effectively concretize and eliminate soil and groundwater contamination

Sustainable bioremediation

Instead of excavation, transport, and disposal of the contaminant, we trap and biodegrade the contamination in-situ using our patented methods, developed in collaboration with some of the world’s leading experts in bacterial degradation. This includes our own remedial design software, patented injection equipment, and the use of the world-leading and patented Trap & Treat® BOS-products from Remediation Products Inc. (RPI) in the United States.

Trap & Treat® Bacteria Concentrate


Software: Environmental Site Model

For project data management, contaminant plume modeling, remediation design, and field work, we use our own software called Environmental Site Model.

The software has been built internally at Ejlskov over several years, based on many actual site characterization and remediation projects, and a large amount of knowledge from experienced environmental engineers and geologists has been concentrated into the software.

The software contains all the tools necessary to manage data related to contaminated sites from time of proposal to the final performance monitoring after remediation has been carried out.


Performance monitoring

After injections, groundwater monitoring is conducted as repeated groundwater sampling over a period that may be several years. The collected groundwater sample times series data is used to model and animate the contaminant plume concentration decrease over time.

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