Environmental Site Model®

When focusing on HRSC, Remedial Design and collection of high-density data, having a software tool capable of providing visual and evaluation support with data analyses becomes key to success when handling projects.

Over the past 10 years, Ejlskov has developed one of the most powerful software tools currently available within the environmental industry when it comes to real time visualization and contamination distribution and quantification analyses.

Many projects develop over the years by having several “hands and brains” gathering data into endless excel tables, graphs and so on. As much as this effort can generally be sufficient for the scope of work assigned by clients, it may lead to misinterpretation or losing focus on the overall pictures.

Environmental Site Model® has helped many clients over the years in re-organizing and giving more value and meaning to years of data by using very short time and efforts.

Evaluating data distribution, age and type within a visual context helps all stakeholders in agreeing more easily on which steps are further required at a site and in which areas and depths data collection is more important.

Environmental Site Model® combines all the known features of general GIS tools (data input, 2D and 3D visualization) together with key data analysis features which include:

  • Data interpolation (MIP, soil, groundwater, geology) and real time reporting during field operations.
  • Mass distribution and quantification assessment
    – This includes possibility to cut off by specific target values, depth layers, horizontal boundaries and so on.
  • Creation of remediation plans for design and budgeting purposes.

During and after the remediation phase Environmental Site Model® helps our clients with:

  • Keeping track of injection processes (volumes and amounts of product injected, location and depths)
  • Estimating contaminant mass removal and validation during excavation or soil mixing projects
  • Time-laps performance evaluation of groundwater conditions improvement by generation of step-based evaluation
  • Generation of associated performance reports
    – Time based graphs for groundwater conditions
    – Depth based comparison of soil conditions pre and post remediation.

Thanks to its user-friendly interface, Environmental Site Model® is used already within all partners of the RPI Group team and it’s available to any client who wants to have access to a simple and intuitive tool for administering their environmental, spatial and site infrastructure data.

Whichever site or type of property, Environmental Site Model® features can provide valuable insights for better decision-making process and data analysis.

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Environmental Site Model