When out in the field, it becomes very easy to encounter more contamination thAn initially EXPECTED, leaving us with the big dilemma “how to gather all the necessary data withIN the budget GIVEN”.

At Ejlskov we have been helping removing this problem for more than 15 years. We can simply collect as many samples as we want, at any frequency and density without charging our clients any costs to obtain that data.

Our efficiency is improved by using the MIP system up front, ensuring that the initial qualitative screening can guide us in determining exactly which areas and depths require focus when performing soil coring and installing groundwater wells.

Ejlskov in partnership with RPI Inc. in Colorado (U.S.A.) is capable of providing a unique support with soil and groundwater analyses (free of charge) throughout the entire project life regardless of the objective set forth for the site activities.

For example, during the HRSC or Remedial Design phases, hundreds of soil and groundwater samples are generally collected and sent to RPI for analyses providing a highly detailed level of assessment and quantification of the site contamination for both soil and groundwater, ensuring that our remediation planning is done with the highest accuracy and predictability for our clients.

During and after the remediation phase, Ejlskov can support clients with the analyses (for performance monitoring or validation purposes) of hundreds of groundwater samples where VOCs, dissolved gases, fatty acids and anions analyses are conducted, providing multiple lines of evidence for the evaluation of the remediation works performance

On demand, other type of contaminants can be run (e.g. PAHs or similar under EPA GC-MS 8270)