Why choose us?

We have developed and patented pioneering biological solutions that effectively concretize and eliminate soil and groundwater contamination

Based on our innovative and well-proven technologies, we can offer:

Sustainable clean-up

We solve the problem where it is – without excavation, transportation or use of new raw materials.


No operational disruptions – and no loss of revenue for your business

We clean without disturbing the daily activities and without removing technical installations above or below ground.


An investment opportunity that restores the value of your property

Our solutions comply with regulatory requirements so that the land can be safely used for future activities and projects.

Result guarantee

Clean-up to agreed limit values, at agreed time and price – every time.

Our leading and proven solutions have led to more than 1,600 successful clean-ups for customers in Europe, the United States and China.

We work in close collaboration with environmental authorities around the world, and we have developed Ejlskov BioRemediation together with some of the world’s leading experts in bacterial degradation of contamination.

Please have a look at “Technology” to read more about our Ejlskov BioRemediation Trap & Treat® solutions’ unsurpassed properties for cleaning various contaminants as well as our innovative Ejlskov SiteScan technology, which quantifies the pollution in 3D and forms a precise basis for the subsequent in-situ treatment.