Injection Systems

Trap&Treat® technologies are designed to work in any conditions. From harsh environments (LNAPL or DNAPL) to more mildly contaminated plumes and sources.

Regardless how cost-efficient our technologies are, the key to success is linked to a solid remedial design but ultimately to an accurate and surgical injection needed to ensure that the designed amount of product is correctly delivered where needed.

Our team of injection experts is the key value that starts the whole process. No other technology provider has hundreds of years of combined experience with injections of any type of slurry within any type of geological settings. We have injected Trap&Treat® technologies in all 5 continents on our beautiful Earth and worked within any condition. Our injection teams across the globe are specifically trained to ensure that each “dollar” invested by our clients in purchasing injection product is transformed into a volume of slurry carefully injected in the subsurface. To date more than 10,000,000 kg of Trap&Treat® products and supplemental solid amendments have been injected or mixed into the ground and 95% of our clientele has returned to us asking for more help. That is how we measure our success.

Ejlskov (and its RPI Group partners) have for the past 20 years, worked on customizing and optimizing injection systems capable of injecting slurries with densities varying from 0.05 kg/l to 0.5 kg/l at flow rates from 30 to almost 1,000 liters per minutes.
Such performances allow Ejlskov to ensure that regardless of the level of contamination, type of geology or site conditions, we can always deliver a tailored solution to our clients.

With our 4 injection systems and 1 high-capacity mixing unit, we can assist clients in multiple locations at the same time. Our systems are built on modular stainless-steel skids and made ready for operations within hours from arrival to site.

Our injection process is monitored and traced at each single injection interval. Real time sharing of operations occurs between field and office, ensuring that management of change situations are handled real time, reducing the downtime to nothing.
Each injection hole is sealed directly after completion, leaving almost no trace of our presence on site. The only thing we leave behind when completing our project, is our products, which from the moment they are injected will start to work efficiently till the site is completely clean.

Bedrock injections or soil mixing – no problem at all. We can help in those situations as well including tailored remedial design solutions.

We treat each site without pre-conceived ideas. Every site is unique and should be approached accordingly.