Sustainable remediation

We use patented and well proven sustainable biological solutions for soil and groundwater remediation.

Maintaining cost and time efficiency becomes even more relevant during the remediation phase when costs, mobilization and disturbance to site activities scale up compared to the HRSC phase.

For these reasons, it is important that the remediation solution implemented can allow clients to:

1:   Have a safe and predictable outcome of the remediation within a relatively short time span
2:   Limit or avoid totally disturbance to site production or sales activities
3:   Ensure treatment longevity without the need of multiple mobilizations on site
4:   Reduce operation and maintenance costs to the lowest amount possible

Since 2010 Ejlskov has proudly joined the Remediation Products Incorporated (RPI) Group which since 2002 has been the global pioneer in delivering one of (if not) the most sustainable and cost-efficient set of technologies currently available on the market.

The Trap&Treat® solutions have helped thousands of contaminated sites to regain their original value and purpose by simply letting nature perform its job by creating the most favorable sustained natural degradation conditions, even within the harshest environments.

The success of these technologies is driven by few simple cornerstones:

  • Accurate and surgical design supported by hundreds of pro-bono soil and groundwater data
  • Accurate and surgical field installation performed solely by approved and skilled experts using state of the art injection remediation systems
  • Cradle to grave project support by supporting clients with hundreds (if not thousands) of post remediation data to follow up on the performance of the remediation

No other remediation contractor provides the same flexibility in terms of coverage of type of contaminants, geological settings, level of contamination, design and longevity as Ejlskov and its partners within the RPI Group.

The same concept has now been extended to emerging contaminants such as PFOA/PFAS, by partnering with one of the world leading experts (CETCO) and their unique and sustainable technology for sequestration of these compounds off groundwater.

Come and have a look at how we help our clients restoring the value and purpose of their challenged properties.