Environmental Health and Safety Audit (HSE)

Ejlskov is a Denmark-based company that offers a wide range of HSE auditing services across Europe to international clients from various industries.

Our auditors have a are located throughout the continent and are fluent in multiple languages, ensuring efficient communication and understanding of local regulations. By offering a comprehensive range of services, Ejlskov is well-positioned to help organizations across Europe navigate the complexities of environmental management, ensuring compliance with regulations and driving continuous improvement in their environmental performance.

System audits: Ejlskov assists clients in preparing for certification to ISO 14001 and other relevant standards. Their auditors evaluate the planning, implementation, and operation of the management system, ensuring proper controls and procedures are in place to achieve objectives and targets.

Performance audits: Using metrics and benchmarks, Ejlskov evaluates an organization’s environmental impacts in areas like energy efficiency, water use, waste generation, and carbon emissions. They identify opportunities for improvement and provide recommendations to achieve better performance.

Due diligence: Ejlskov conducts a comprehensive assessment of the target organization’s liabilities and risks related to environmental management, reviewing permits, licenses, compliance records, and past environmental audits. They evaluate the costs to address any issues identified.

Compliance audits: Ejlskov ensures that organizations have identified all relevant regulations at the local, national, and EU levels and have incorporated these into their environmental management system. They verify compliance with all requirements, note instances of non-compliance, and provide corrective action plans.

Legal register audits: Ejlskov maintains close knowledge of environmental laws and regulations across Europe, which we use for audits and other services. We help clients to ensure the compliance obligations are up-to-date and properly documented.

Follow-up services: Ejlskov provides support to help clients implement recommendations and corrective actions based on the audits, enabling continual improvement of environmental performance and compliance.