Environmental Site MODEL (ESM)

Environmental Site Model is an advanced expert level software developed by Ejlskov for environmental site characterization,
visualization, soil contaminant modeling, and in-situ remediation.

Environmental Site Model

The ESM software contains all the tools necessary to manage data related to contaminated sites from time of proposal to the final performance monitoring after remediation has been carried out. A great emphasis has been put into the graphical representation of data in classic 2D GIS, 3D volumetric scenes, and vertical cross sections.

The software has been built internally at Ejlskov over several years, based on many actual site characterization and remediation projects, and a large amount of knowledge from experienced environmental engineers and geologists has been concentrated into the software.

We at Ejlskov, and at our RPI Group partner, AST Environmental, use the software as the primary modeling tool.

And so can you!
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Contaminant Plume Modeling

In ESM, all data relating to soil contamination is imported, modeled, and visualized. The most common data types are MIP, lithology, soil, and groundwater contaminant concentrations, but all data with a coordinate and elevation can be modeled in three dimensions.

Soil contaminant concentrations are used to model contaminant distribution plumes, and for contaminant mass calculation. This is the most important task in soil remediation projects, and with the concentration model in place, a plan for in-situ remediation can be established.

Geologic Modeling

Geologic modeling is complicated! However, most environmental sites are relatively small in area. In addition, they are often situated in a sedimentary setting where geology is relatively simple and can be described with a few layers. A geologic layer model can be constructed within the tool, and visualized and overlain with the contamination distribution model in both 3D and vertical cross sections.


In-Situ Remediation

When a contaminant mass distribution model is established, an in-situ injection plan can be designed. ESM generates an injection plan semi automatically based on user settings and the contaminant distribution model. The injection plan consisting of planned injectate amounts at different locations and depths can be visualized in maps, cross sections, and 3D scenes.

During field work, the operator uses the application in acquisition mode to look up the planned injection loads and to record the actual injected amounts. As location and injection data are continuously recorded, the amount of injected product is continuously monitored.

In the field, the tool is usually run on a rugged tablet with a touch screen.

Performance monitoring

After injections, the injected product starts degrading the contaminant, and ground water monitoring is conducted as repeated groundwater sampling campaigns over a period that may be multiple years. The collected ground water samples are used to model and animate the contaminant plume concentration decrease over time.