BioRemediation during active construction

6. December 2019



During the construction of 200 new flats on a former dry-cleaning facility in central Stockholm, the Swedish estate company HSB Bostad discovered high levels of contamination in the soil. Threatening to put the project on hold and contaminate the building site, the company was facing the risk of a significant delay of the building process as well as substantial extra costs.

Continuing the work
In order to remove the risk of vapours seeping into the new buildings and stop the contamination from spreading, HSB needed a swift and efficient solution. As the site was under active construction, the treatment also had to be carried out without interrupting the daily building activities.

HSB therefore consulted Ejlskov about the contamination. Due to the global remediation leader’s innovative BioRemediation technology, Ejlskov was able to offer an effective solution that would allow for the construction to continue unaffected while the polluted area was cleaned up.

Saving time and money
By treating the source of contamination through bacterial degradation, Ejlskov could contain and reduce the pollution immediately after initiating the remediation process. With no inconvenience to the daily construction activities, the risk of contaminants migrating towards neighbouring properties was also reduced within a short amount of time.

Because of a swift and effective treatment of the contaminated soil – at a much lower price compared to traditional clean-up solutions e.g. excavation – HSB was able to keep the construction project on schedule saving the estate company both time and money.

Full-scale application of Ejlskov BioRemediation including:

Ejlskov SiteScan reviewing the existing soil- and groundwater data to estimate the extent of the contamination
Ejlskov BioRemediation targeting the contaminant levels inside the impacted area
Fast and dynamic installation allowing for the building process to continue unaffected



HSB Bostad, construction site – Stockholm, Sweden



Immediate risk removal and full-scale clean up


Installation time

6 weeks



Chlorinated solvents


Project area

400 square metres + 200 square metres

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