Sustainable BioRemediation does the dirty laundry

3. June 2022



A spill of chlorinated solvents from a laundry facility in southwestern Finland caused high levels of contamination harming the surrounding environment. The laundry facility had made remedial efforts using pump and treat, bio-air sparging and excavation with no satisfying results.

Sustainable cleanup
To decontaminate the soil and save the groundwater, the laundry facility wanted to explore new and more sustainable measures of treatment. That is why the laundry facility contacted Ejlskov about the spill because of the remediation company’s world-leading technology.

In close collaboration with the client and the Finnish environmental authorities, Ejlskov formulated a strategy based on its innovative BioRemediation solution using biodegradation to eliminate contaminants and remove the risk of migrating contamination. Offering the most sustainable remediation solution on the market, Ejlskov was also to clean up the polluted area causing no harm to the soil, groundwater, and surrounding environment.

Operational during remediation
BioRemediation is a non-intrusive remediation method that allowed Ejlskov to treat the contaminated soil without moving any installations keeping the laundry facility fully operational during the remediation process.

Within 5 months, the treatment of the polluted area was completed preventing any further contamination to spread. A 95 percent reduction in contamination concentrations was observed in all the treated areas 15 months after commencing the remediation treatment.

Full-scale application of Ejlskov BioRemediation including:

Ejlskov SiteScan for characterization and design of remediation solution
Ejlskov BioRemediation for in-situ treatment
Ejlskov SiteHandling for monitoring groundwater and further analysis



Laundry facility, Finland


Full-scale in-situ remediation

Installation time

April 2017 to August 2017



Project area

70,000 square metres

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