Uno-X has managed its environmental obligations with the support of Ejlskov since 2009. As operators of 266 sites, we are liable for all the petrol and diesel contamination that may have occurred since our first filling station went into operation in 1936. That gives us a lot to keep track of.

This is where we benefit from Ejlskov’s environmental asset management database. Developed in collaboration with us, the database builds on Ejlskov’s extensive expertise in calculating environmental liability.

The database software monitors all our sites, prioritizing those that are likely to pose the biggest environmental risk. These priority sites are then investigated to assess the extent of the contamination and whether it is a threat to drinking water supplies or could leach into a neighbouring site. Using the insights this provides, we decide where we need to take remedial action.

Ejlskov is extremely solution-oriented. Because contaminant removal by excavation is tough on filling station business, they can also offer in-situ remediation using a treatment that breaks down underground contaminants. This works very well.

Over the years, the environmental asset database has given us a comprehensive overview, managing the flow of documents regarding each and every site so we are always on top of our legal obligations towards local authorities.

Working in partnership with Ejlskov, we get the most out of the money we spend on managing and cleaning up our sites. Our environmental liability has been significantly reduced.