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    BioRemediation reduces costs for groundwater clean-up at Shell refinery

    Shell, refinery – Denmark

    A 1,600-kilo oil spill threatened to pollute the groundwater under Shell’s Danish oil refinery in Fredericia. Facing an injunction from the Danish environmental authorities, the international oil company made several attempts to treat the contaminated area using traditional remediation methods. However, the success was limited.

    No disruption to daily operation
    To clean up the oil spill, Shell was in the market for an alternative and effective remediation solution. The international oil company looked for a swift solution that would not interfere with the daily operation and potentially shut down parts of the refinery, leading to a substantial loss of revenue.

    That is why Shell consulted Ejlskov about the contamination. Shell was confident that the global remediation leader could contain the oil spill and put an end to the contaminants threatening the underlying groundwater due to its innovative and less intrusive technology.

    Significant cost reduction
    With its market-leading BioRemediation technology, Ejlskov was able to efficiently treat the polluted area at a fraction of the total project cost for traditional solutions. The BioRemediation solution trapped contaminants and consumed the pollution through biological degradation causing no harm to soil properties or groundwater quality.

    The treatment was successfully concluded after 18 months, as the level of contaminants in the groundwater below the treated area was reduced to regulatory standards.

    Full-scale application of Ejlskov BioRemediation including:

    Ejlskov SiteScan reviewing the existing soil- and groundwater data to estimate the extent of the contamination
    Ejlskov BioRemediation targeting the varying contaminant levels inside the impacted area
    Fast and dynamic installation allowing the daily operation to continue unaffecte
    A significant reduction in price compared to traditional remediation treatments

    Shell, refinery – Denmark

    Full-scale clean-up

    Disruption to daily operation:

    30% savings compared to excavation

    Installation time
    10 weeks

    Hydrocarbons (BTEX)

    Project area
    350 square metres