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    Affordable BioRemediation keeps the business running

    ST1 Oy, petrol station – Finland

    The Finnish energy company, ST1 Oy, discovered large amounts of contamination in the upper layers of the soil during a renovation of one of the company’s petrol stations in the southwestern part of Finland.

    The contamination was removed but, upon further inspection, it was revealed that the impact of the pollution was much greater than first anticipated. Discovering that the contamination had reached the deeper levels of the soil, the energy company now risked shutting down the petrol station for an extended period of time adding significant expenses to the bill.

    Business as usual
    To clean up the deeper levels of the soil, ST1 Oy was looking for a comprehensive and affordable remediation solution that would not require closing down the petrol station.

    That is why ST1 Oy turned to Ejlskov for help, certain that the global remediation expert would be able to clean up the polluted area. Ejlskov recommended an in-situ BioRemediation treatment using high-pressure triangular injection techniques. The remediation solution was installed outside the dispenser area making the petrol station operational during the entire clean-up period.

    No loss of revenue
    By consulting Ejlskov and using the global remediation leader’s innovative BioRemediation technology, ST1 Oy saved around 50 percent on the remediation solution alone compared to the expenses of more traditional solutions, e.g. excavation.

    As the petrol station was able to continue its activities throughout the clean-up period, the energy company prevented an even greater loss of revenue adding to the total savings.

    Full-scale application of Ejlskov BioRemediation including:

    Ejlskov SiteScan including site investigation and calculation of contamination in soil
    Ejlskov BioRemediation using unique 3D mapping software for precise and efficient clean-up
    Planning of monitoring performance and installation

    ST1 Oy, petrol station, Finland

    Full-scale clean-up

    Installation time
    2 months

    BTEX and MTBE

    Project area
    1,200 square metres