Get a sharp environmental profile


    we scan sites of land and buildings for contamination

    With Ejlskov SiteScan, we map out your exposure and risk in relation to any soil or groundwater contaminants in your property portfolios. Ejlskov SiteScan is an invaluable tool for companies with potentially contaminating activities and for property developers who require accurate Environment Due Diligence analyses.


    We perform 3D scanning of the subsurface, in which we detect all kinds of contamination of soil and groundwater, obtaining a complete overview of the volumes, nature and precise location of any contaminants.


    Ejlskov SiteScan analyses the subsoil for all kinds of contamination with such thoroughness that it can be used as documentation to declare properties free of contamination.


    On the basis of the scan results, we work in collaboration with our clients to produce a remediation strategy for their property portfolio, so that any necessary remediation takes place with reference to the best possible protection of the environment and the lowest possible costs.


    With Ejlskov SiteScan, we produce an accurate overview of the scope of contamination and associated costs of remediation on the basis of your remediation strategy.


    We thus help to release values in the property portfolio that were otherwise shrouded in uncertainty about the scope of contamination and a lack of clarity about the costs of treating contamination. As a client, you will find that Ejlskov SiteScan gives you a much better opportunity to monitor and document your environmental strategies and your CSR work.

    Ejlskov sitescan – 3d animation

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