The culture of the Ejlskov Team

    The culture of the Ejlskov Team is based on a number of values that drive us in our everyday life. We use and meet our values in day-to-day co-operation within the company and with our customers and suppliers. We are all different, but our unity around our values gives us strength and identity.


    AMBITIONS – We set high goals and standards for everything we do.


    FLEXIBILITY – We know, and we are acting on the fact, that what is right today can be wrong tomorrow – we have no exclusive rights to the truth.


    CREDIBILITY – We keep what we promise, and our integrity is unbeatable.


    COMPETENCE – We know what we are talking about – the knowledge of the individual is our collective strength.


    TRUST – We build our relationships with customers, suppliers and each other on confidence.


    ENGAGEMENT – We rub our surroundings with enthusiasm, humility and good spirits.


    Ejlskov A/S operates in a market that is continuously developing and moving. Our vision is to become the preferred environmental partner in our market, so we can grow into the largest provider of environmental solutions (cleaning and associated services). Our market is customers in Europe and China who have potentially soil polluting activities, as well as other companies working with properties with potential soil contaminants.

    Ejlskov must be the market’s favourite and largest environmental partner.