Creating value in environmental work A benefit to society

    By founder Palle Ejlskov


    There is a strong focus on value creation, both in society and in our businesses. This also applies to the challenges that exist in the areas of the environment and climate, where public sector and private organisations are encountering the UN’s global goals, which aim to achieve a world in which as far as possible we minimise our impact on the environment and the climate.


    The organisation of the environmental area has been characterised so far by a surfeit of advice – usually involving the use of a number of traditional and not particularly effective remediation methods, which have not changed significantly over the last 20-30 years. The solutions that ultimately result from this will often not include any liability or guarantee for the solution. The risk? That is borne by the customer.


    Over the years, a great deal of knowledge has been built up through research and development of new technology, without this necessarily having been implemented in the solutions. There can be many reasons for this – one of them often being a lack of specialist knowledge about the solutions.


    We must use our financial and human resources in a targeted way, so that value is created. We must be more focused on new working solutions, in which we as a supplier must assume responsibility for the solutions we deliver.


    We ought to be able to be much better at this


    I believe that advice and consultancy support must be secondary and an integral part of the solution – not vice versa. The focus has to be on the actual solution, and with our new setup we have further reinforced this mindset. We can now deliver the whole model that the market is increasingly demanding. This has been my objective ever since the beginning, and I can say with pride and conviction that we have now succeeded.


    The solutions that Ejlskov can now offer are not only groundbreaking and well-documented, they can also deliver tremendous benefits to society in relation to what is needed, what we must prioritise and how we carry out the undertaking in order to achieve our environmental goals.


    A future based on trust and specialisation
    Now and in the future, I am sure that we will see much greater use of new green technology in close collaboration between companies, with solutions that are much more advanced, adapted and sustainable. This will create opportunities to move closer to each other and lay the foundations for value-adding partnerships. And it is precisely this that we are striving to achieve at Ejlskov A/S.


    Yet I would like to say at the same time that I am aware that it requires a high degree of trust between customer and supplier if this is to function optimally. It places demands on our employees and our customers, with values such as engagement, credibility and ambition being absolutely decisive.


    Ejlskov currently helps industrial companies, oil companies, chemical companies and property developers to identify and quantify any contaminants with complete accuracy, and to quickly and effectively treat them so that the environment is protected and the true value of properties is released.


    This benefits the companies – and society

    Palle Ejlskov



    Ejlskov A/S was founded in 1999 with a burning ambition to create an 
exceptional company that would challenge the industry and set new standards – driven by the customers’ need for competent environmental management.


    Since its inception, Ejlskov A/S has developed unique methods and tools to meet ever-increasing demands in the market to effectively remedy environmental pollution. Today the company is among the most skilled in the world in handling and cleaning soil and groundwater.


    The ambition of Ejlskov A/S is to become the customers’ preferred environmental partner in Europe and China by meeting the customers’ needs with the most competitive tools and the best advice.