We help industrial companies, oil companies, chemical companies and property developers to identify and quantify any contaminants with complete accuracy, and to effectively remove them so that the environment is protected and the true value of their properties is released.


    We have developed and patented methods that enable us to effectively confirm any soil or groundwater contaminants in individual properties or in entire property portfolios. With Ejlskov SiteScan, you have a full insight into the scope and risk of any contaminants and the associated costs. Ejlskov SiteScan gives you the opportunity to monitor and document your environmental strategies.


    We help our customers to guarantee maximum protection of the environment at the lowest cost by means of remediation strategies that target the action and adapt remediation operations according to the nature, scope and risk in the contaminants in question.


    In collaboration with some of the world’s leading experts in the bacterial degradation of contaminants, we have developed Ejlskov BioRemediation to remove contaminants in-situ. Our methods provide the most effective removal of contaminants by far, as they eliminate the need for landfill and the removal of buildings and installations. Furthermore, contaminants are removed without any disruption of note to the daily operation of properties.


    At Ejlskov we have worked in close collaboration with customers and government agencies all over the world to use Ejlskov BioRemediation on a large number of contaminants with such convincing results that we now feel confident in saying that we are the world leaders in the biological remediation of soil and groundwater contaminants.


    As a member of the Remediation Products Inc. Group, (RPI Group) we are dedicated to sharing knowledge and procedures for the successful use of patented Trap & Treat® solutions for in-situ environmental remediation.


    We are the sole supplier of Trap & Treat® BOS 100®, BOS 200® and CAT100 solutions in Europe and China.


    Ejlskov A/S operates in a market that is continuously developing 
and moving. Our vision is to become the preferred environmental partner in our market, so we can grow into the largest provider of environmental solutions (cleaning and associated services). Our market is customers in Europe and China who have potentially soil polluting activities, as well as other companies working with properties with potential soil contaminants.

    Ejlskov must be the market’s favourite and largest environmental partner.