20. december 2019

    Ejlskov and HAIFA Group agrees to start joint venture company and start DKK 28 million cleanup project in China

    Ejlskov A/S achieves great breakthrough in China.

    In 2018 Ejlskov A/S signed an memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Hailing District of Taizhou city regarding a full-scale demonstration site for in-situ biological treatment/restoration of soil and groundwater. Ejlskov and HAIFA Group have now agreed to clean up the site by use of Ejlskov’s market leading in-situ BioRemediation technology.

    The project has been heavily supported by the Chinese authorities including Jiangsu Provincial Academy of Environmental Science, and is also a natural consequence of an MOU signed directly by Ejlskov with Jiangsu Provincial Government regarding an exchange of technologies.

    The project is a major breakthrough for Ejlskov, and a milestone for the long-term development the Sino-Denmark soil and groundwater cleanup program, particularly Aarhus Municipality’s and Danish Region’s long-term promotion of Danish technology.

    The project has been approved as a national model project in China, and the overall purpose is to ensure efficient implementation of China’s national development program for ecological and sustainable remediation of soil and groundwater. The agreement between Ejlskov and HAIFA Group also includes establishing a joint venture company (JV). The JV will be a natural extension of HAIFA Groups business areas which already includes environmental services. The JV will focus on the implementation of the technology in primarily the Jiangsu Province, but on long term basis the target is to cover all major provinces in China.

    Ejlskov has been working in China for several years and based on the long-term relations with the authorities and companies, Ejlskov has built up a substantial understanding of the Chinese market and the national ambitions for a greener China.

    Ejlskov’s presence in China has also led to the establishment of a research and development cooperation with Jiangsu Provincial Academy of Environmental Science for the development of advanced biological treatment technologies for soil and water.

    The agreement was signed at in Denmark at Aarhus city hall by:
    Zhou Weimin, GM of Taizhou Hailing Urban Development Group Co., Ltd.
    Palle Ejlskov, CEO Ejlskov A/S,
    Zhou Ailing, Director of Hailing Ecological Environment Bureau

    in the presence of Vice director Zhou Haixia, Hailing District of Taizhou Government, Head of Office Rolf Johnsen, Region Midtjylland and
    Vicemayor Bünyamin Simsek, Aarhus Municipality.