ps fil1790x371 Ejlskov in situ remediation

Client: SHELL, Refinery
Disruption to daily operations: None
Costings: Client saved approx. 30% compared to excavation

Client: UNO-X, Petrol Station
Petrol Station down time: None
Costings: Client saved 50% compared to the costs of excavation 

Client: ST1 OY, Petrol Station
Disruption to daily operation: None
Costings: client saved 50% on costs compared to excavation

Client: Shell, Petrol Station
Petrol station down time: 10 - 12 weeks
Cost comparison: approx. 70% less than excavation with close down and rebuild of entire station

Client: HSB, Construction Site
Disruption of building process: None
Costings: Client saved approx. 50% compared to excavation

Watch this movie to find out how Ejlskov cleans up oil-contaminated sites using innovative and sustainable in-situ technology..


Ejlskov in-situ remediation eliminates soil and groundwater contaminants five times faster than traditional clean-up methods.